Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: Will Wayne be coming to (insert town name)?
A: Please refer to our Auctions & Appearances page. This page lists all of Wayne's locations for the upcoming year, as far as we have them booked. If you're town/city is not listed, keep an eye on the page. It is updated regularly when a new booking has been made.

Q: Does Wayne take personal commissions for paintings?
A: Unfortunately, with Wayne's hectic schedule, he very rarely has the time to take on personal commissions. However, if something in particular peaks his interest, he may take it on.
Commissions start from $1500, unframed. If you think you have something Wayne would be interested in, you can send us an email at and his staff will pass it along to him to look at.
If you wish to post us photos, please ensure that they are not the originals as we cannot return them.

Q: How can I mix the same colour as Wayne?
A: We do not recommend that you do!
Not even Wayne can mix exactly the same colour twice. We recommend having a play with similar colours and create your own hue. If you want to remember how to mix a certain shade, we suggest keeping a pad and pen with you as you mix and writing down what colours you used to achieve the final colour with a small swatch of the paint beside it. Next time you wish to mix that shade, you know exactly how you got there and can duplicate it!

Q: How do I paint (insert specific subject)?
A: Please note that the techniques Wayne teaches through his DVDs and on television can be applied to any subject matter - from portraits to landscapes. The technique is what is important. Once you have that down, you can go ahead and paint anything you wish with what you have learnt! We can not specifically tell you how to paint something - simply give it a try! If you don't get it quite right the first time, you can always go back and learn from your mistakes.


Q: I bought painting/s from Wayne in (insert year). Can you sell them for me or will you purchase them from me?
A: Unfortunately, we have to say no. We do not sell any of Wayne's previous work, nor do we purchase Wayne's artwork from customers.
If you wish to sell your Wayne Clements artworks, some of our customers have found success selling them through eBay or Gumtree.

Q: Can Wayne donate to my charity?
A: Wayne's charitable commitments are already at an all-time high. He often works with RACQ Careflight Rescue and local SES branches, just to name a few. You are welcome to send us an email outlining your cause and staff will pass it along to Wayne to review, but, at this time, it is rare that we can take on any new charities.
Please do not be offended if we cannot help, it is simply a scheduling issue.






Q: Does Wayne teach classes?
A: No, Wayne does not teach classes. Wayne is a very busy man and is rarely in one spot for very long. Between filming for Art Studio, he travels all of Australia with his artwork.
However, this does not mean Wayne cannot teach you. His preferred method of teaching is through DVDs. This is a technique that has proven well - Wayne himself learned a lot of his technique through watching other artists' on videos when he was starting out. We have people all over the nation buying Wayne's collection of DVDs and achieving great results.
His DVDs are available for purchase through our Online Shop, at Clemart Gallery and Art Supplies and at Auction locations.


Q: Where can I meet Wayne?
As stated above, Wayne is rarely in one location for very long.
The best way to guarantee a meeting with Wayne would be to go along to one of his Auction locations - he is there from approximately 10AM to 4PM each day until he moves on to another town. You can find out where he will be next on our Auctions & Appearances page.



Q: How do I get in touch with Wayne and speak to him myself?
A: Wayne is a very busy man with a very full schedule. He is not available by phone, nor email.
If you wish to speak to him yourself, you may have the chance at one of his Auction locations - he is often fairly busy, but you may catch him with a spare moment.
Please understand that is not that he does not wish to speak with you, he simply does not have the time with his schedule and commitments. He truly enjoys speaking to his customers and fans when he has the chance, especially when regarding painting.
All correspondence is handled by his staff members, whom are more than capable of answering any questions you may have.  





We know sometimes it can be frustrating, but they do the very best with what they have and we are thankful for all there hard work.









Q: What is a medium?
A: A medium is a substance mixed with your paints to slightly change their texture. Often a liquid medium is used to to thin them out for more movement and create a subtle gloss. Gel medium can be added to thicken the paint.

Q: What is series and why do paint prices vary depending on series?
A: Artist-quality paint will run in series. They go on as series 1, series 2, series 3 (and on and on, in some cases).
This only refers to the pigment in the paint. Some pigments are more expensive than others - making the paint more expensive to produce and therefor buy. Example: Colours such as white and browns do not contain particularly rich pigments so they would be categorized into series 1. Colours like reds or oranges are much richer in pigment and therefor would be categorized in a higher series.


Q: What is the difference between palette knives and painting knives?
A: Palette knives, used for mixing paint on the palette, are stronger and less supple than painting knives. They have strength to mix and lift colors without snapping. Painting knives, on the other hand, have a thinner blade and are more supple.




If we have not answered your question above, you are more than welcome to send us a message. Details are on our Contact page.

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